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Learn how personal injury cases work in Utah and how getting the legal help you need can help you get a fair settlement.

How do personal injury cases work in Utah?

No one wants to get injured. No one wants a lawsuit. But when someone gets seriously injured through no fault of their own, they may think of making a claim for damages. A personal injury can impact your way of life and can lead to disability or lost income. But before you get a [...]

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Slip and fall accidents cause serious injuries to seniors

Slip and Fall accidents are common among seniors over age 65 One out of three seniors over the age of 65 falls annually in the United States, resulting in over a million both fatal and non-fatal falls among seniors. These falls are the most common cause of injury among senior citizens. In addition, slip and fall accidents are [...]

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Traps and challenges in Utah senior injury claims

Injured Seniors need specialized accident lawyers You should be aware of the unique problems in Utah personal injury claims for Utah seniors. Many Injury lawyers and almost all insurance adjusters undervalue injury claims by seniors. According to the National Safety Council, people over 65 have the highest mortality rate in injuries from traffic accidents, falls, medications, [...]

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