Personal Injury

Learn how personal injury cases work in Utah and how getting the legal help you need can help you get a fair settlement.

Compensation for Personal Injury

“A study conducted by the Insurance Research Counsel suggests people who suffer bodily injuries in an auto accident due to driver, manufacturer and/or government negligence win 3.5 times more in settlement compensation while represented by an attorney than injury victims who don’t hire a personal injury attorney.” Quote from’s article Will I Get [...]

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Choosing the right personal injury firm for you

You may be familiar with this idea. It goes something like this: “Service, Time, or Settlement – pick two.” In other words, you can have: Excellent and fast service but the settlement is low; Fast service with a reasonable settlement but the service is not excellent; or A high settlement with excellent service [...]

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Mediating a personal injury case

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” -Mick Jagger What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative way to resolve your personal injury claim before going to trial. Are you required to mediate? Mediation is encouraged in Utah and a [...]

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Striking a deal without an attorney

Common Mistakes for Unrepresented Claims: Settling for too little Settling too fast Not providing the right evidence Not understanding lien processes Over or under-confident Not understanding all the losses that can be claimed Taking on battles yourself can be appealing. But let me tell you from my own personal experience it is [...]

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Understanding medical liens

Six Common Liens in Personal Injury Cases Medical Lien – A lien between you and your medical provider. Health Insurance Lien – A lien with private or employer-funded health insurance plans. Medicaid Lien – A lien with benefit recipients, which is governed by federal and state law. Medicare Lien – A lien with benefit [...]

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Did you know? Giving your testimony in a deposition

The American Bar Association’s Witness Rules for Depositions ___________________________________ Speak slowly and clearly. Pause after each question. Listen to objections and instructions. Tell the truth. Short answers are best. Do not answer unclear questions. Ask for a break if needed. Read documents carefully. Do not conclude instructions. A deposition is when you [...]

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How medical records impact your personal injury claim

According to   Ross Koppel, a leading academic in the world of health IT,  about 70 percent of medical records have the wrong information. “There are millions of records out there and screw-ups happen,” he said. Most errors are irrelevant to health outcomes — for instance, a record might state that a patient hurt [...]

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Injured Seniors Need Better Accident Lawyers

You should know these facts. Studies show that senior Americans are more likely to be injured, and seemingly minor accidents are more serious on aging bodies. Many seniors do not get the compensation and justice they deserve because even when the accident is a result of abuse or neglect, personal injury lawyers often undervalue these [...]

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Did you know? You shouldn’t waive your underinsured coverage

According to the Uninsured Motorist Statistics for 2019, 13% of drivers in the U.S. do not have insurance. For those that do have auto insurance, do they have enough insurance in case of an accident or injury? Have you ever thought about who pays for your losses if you are injured in [...]

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