results triangle: service, time, settlement

You may be familiar with this idea. It goes something like this:

“Service, Time, or Settlement – pick two.”

In other words, you can have:

  1. Excellent and fast service but the settlement is low;
  2. Fast service with a reasonable settlement but the service is not excellent; or
  3. A high settlement with excellent service but it takes time.

It is easy to find hundreds of injury law firms by the click of a mouse, but which one is right for you? Consideration of the choices above will certainly help you find personal injury services that fit your needs.

In the terms of the Results Triangle, here at Helgesen, Houtz and Jones, P.C. we proudly offer quality services that end with the greatest result.

At the beginning of any new case, I like to tell our clients that the process of settling may be slower if they want the highest settlement possible. This is not because we do not care, it’s quite the opposite really. Let me explain.

No two cases are ever the same and settling a case can take a year or more – even if you have a “simple” case. There are many different auto insurance companies with different adjusters, many different health insurance companies with different policy terms, and many different clients with their own individual needs.  Therefore, no case should ever be pushed through an assembly line.

A slower-moving case should not be counted as a negative when working through an injury matter. Our practice is deliberate and measured. We take our time, covering all the bases so you do not settle for less than you deserve, and you do not have unexpected surprises later down the road.

We have also learned through experience that speed and harsh attitudes can really hurt negotiations. It takes time to persuade a resistant insurance adjuster and opposing lawyer. We focus on building a strong relationship with everyone involved in the process.  This time ultimately equates to higher settlements.

No matter which firm you choose, make sure it fits your needs. But remember…you can only choose two – service, time, or settlement.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be used as legal advice and is not a blanket for every situation. You should always consult with your attorney.