Probate is the court process for wrapping up a person's financial affairs and transferring his or her property to heirs, either under a Will or without a Will.
Probate can be avoided in many ways, most of which are simply bad ideas. (See "Four bad ways to avoid probate"). Do-it-yourself probate avoidance often creates more problems than it solves. Be careful.
The best way for Utah families to avoid probate is through creation of a Utah "revocable trust," also called a "living trust."  This arrangement, a trust agreement, has powerful advantages for:
    • preserving assets for the surviving spouse
    • creating detailed instructions for transfer of assets to
       the next generation
    • providing safe management of assets which preserves
       the inheritance of irresponsible heirs.                          
    • gives protection and help if a Trustor (creator of the Trust) or
       a beneficiary becomes incompetent (unable to manage his or
       her own affairs)
    • allows privacy in the management of personal assets
    • avoids the need to file probate
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