Learn the dos and don’ts of probate in Utah as our estate planning attorneys break the process down for you.

The best and worst ways to avoid probate in Utah

When people pass away, they usually want to leave a legacy behind for their loved ones, usually in the form of property or money. However, many people don’t make their final wishes clear. If the surviving heirs aren’t in agreement about who inherits what from the deceased, the matter may end up going to probate [...]

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13 questions to determine if you need a probate in Utah

People don't always decide what happens to their assets after they die. When a person doesn’t make arrangements for the transfer of assets or authority over his or her assets, his/her heirs may need to open a probate. A probate will allow them to gain authority and control over those assets. Probate is the process [...]

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Utah Probate Checklist — 10 questions to see if you need probate

In Utah, probate is the court process of wrapping up the affairs of a person who has died, paying the debts, and transferring his or her property to others. Like any court process, probate requires filing legal documents with the court, giving notice to heirs, and following Utah law. If you can avoid a probate, [...]

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Four Bad Ways To Avoid Utah Probate

Most people want to avoid probate, the court process of wrapping up a person’s affairs after death. Unfortunately, many Utahns make costly mistakes by do-it-yourself probate avoidance. Don’t make these mistakes: Bad way # 1: Put your kids on the deed.  Marie’s heard she could avoid probate by putting her four children on the deed [...]

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