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Have you ever wondered what elder law is? Learn about estate planning, guardianship/conservatorship, and more.

Injured Seniors Need Better Accident Lawyers

You should know these facts. Studies show that senior Americans are more likely to be injured, and seemingly minor accidents are more serious on aging bodies. Many seniors do not get the compensation and justice they deserve because even when the accident is a result of abuse or neglect, personal injury lawyers often undervalue these [...]

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Understanding Reverse Mortgages in Utah

In recent years, reverse mortgages have become a popular option for many seniors. For some Utah seniors, a reverse mortgage is a perfect solution. For others it may be a bad idea. I have invited my son, Jack K. Helgesen, a senior mortgage broker, to help me answer some of frequently asked questions I get [...]

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The pattern of elder abuse

“I pray to God each day to protect us, help us endure and guide those other senior citizens who are also suffering.” – Mickey Rooney You may or may not remember actor Mickey Rooney filing a lawsuit against his stepson in 2011 for financial exploitation, a form of elder abuse. The famous actor said his [...]

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Utah Probate Checklist — 10 questions to see if you need probate

In Utah, probate is the court process of wrapping up the affairs of a person who has died, paying the debts, and transferring his or her property to others. Like any court process, probate requires filing legal documents with the court, giving notice to heirs, and following Utah law. If you can avoid a probate, [...]

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Car Scams Target Seniors

Beware of these six used car scams. In tough economic times, seniors can become targets for unscrupulous car dealers. Be careful and beware of these six car scams in Utah: 1. Payment packing. The car dealer avoids discussing the price of the car and commits the shopper to a specific monthly payment. The car is [...]

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What Is Elder Law?

What does an Elder Law Attorney do? "Elder Law" is a rare specialty for attorneys. It focuses on the needs of senior Americans who face the maze of government disability, aging and retirement laws and programs. They need help, lots of help! The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the first professional group, was [...]

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Legal Help For Dementia

Every family crushed by the devastating diagnosis of dementia – usually Alzheimers – should read The 36-hour Day (4th ed., Johns Hopkins Press) by Nancy L. Mace, M. A., and Peter Robins, M. D. With their fascinating description of the medical and social tornadoes of memory loss, the authors urge families to get early and [...]

You Can Fight a Guardianship

Yes, you can fight a guardianship! Stan is a bright, distinguished, active and engaging Utahn in his mid-eighties.  This last year he has had serious medical problems and financial losses from a prior business. When he went to surgery, he asked his married daughter, Emily, to help him manage his bills for awhile. That was [...]

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