Disability Planning

Our lawyers specializing in elder law walk you through the ins and outs of disability planning in Utah.

Utah Advance Health Care Directives

FAQS about Utah Advance Health Care Directives, medical powers of attorney and living wills What is a medical power of attorney? A medical power of attorney is a special power of attorney (a written document) which designates someone to make health care decisions for another person when that person. Its purpose is to give legal [...]

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Do You Have Legal Authority to Manage Another Person’s Affairs?

Sam’s stroke left him unable to make responsible decisions or manage his own affairs. Sandy, his wife, was shocked to find she had no authority to sign Sam’s name, manage his business, sell their joint property, and admit Sam to a nursing home. How does she get the legal authority she needs?   These arrangements [...]

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You Can Fight a Guardianship

Yes, you can fight a guardianship! Stan is a bright, distinguished, active and engaging Utahn in his mid-eighties.  This last year he has had serious medical problems and financial losses from a prior business. When he went to surgery, he asked his married daughter, Emily, to help him manage his bills for awhile. That was [...]

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