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The number one mistake with a trust

[BEGIN VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Hi, I'm Jack Helgesen one of the lawyers with Helgesen Law. I'm here to discuss with you today the number one mistake people make with a family trust - and we see this a lot - it's understandable. But before I tell you what the one mistake is, I want to talk [...]

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The six advantages of a trust

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT]  Hi, I'm Jack Helgesen, one of the lawyers with Helgesen Law. I'm here to discuss with you today the number one mistake people make with a family trust, and we see this a lot-  it's understandable. But before I tell you what the one mistake is, I want to talk to you a [...]

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What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Hi friends, I'm Jack Helgesen and I'm here to talk to you about the fascinating topic of the difference between wills and trusts and I'm going to try to keep it basic and understandable. So let me start with wills. I think you're going to understand that a little easier. A will is [...]

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What is an Asset Protection Trust?

An asset protection trust is a trust that is intended to protect assets and property from future creditors. As part of preparing an estate plan, an individual decides what happens to his or her property after he or she passes away. The individual must also decide on how the property transferred to the trust will [...]

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The importance of preparing an estate plan

Most people know who they want to receive their property and possessions when they pass away, so why don’t people make their wishes known by preparing an estate plan? Susan had been married to her husband, Adam, for nearly thirteen years when he unexpectedly passed away as a result of heart failure. Three years prior [...]

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Who inherits a person’s property after death?

This is a very important question of Utah law. Very few people really understand how property is transferred after death, and the answer is essential to understanding Utah wills, Utah trusts, Utah estate planning and Utah probate. So, lets make up a story and see how it works. George is a rich Utah widower. Gina [...]

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Beware of joint accounts and joint property with your children

Viera and her late husband Ben died believing they left everything equally to their children because it was written in their last wills. They were wrong. Viera lived fourteen years after Ben died. Their divorced daughter Lucy moved in with Viera and became Viera's primary caretaker in the eight years following her stroke. For convenience, [...]

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Basics of Utah Estate Planning

Many people ask us about the basics of a good estate plan. This is what we discuss: Planning for the preservation and transfer of a person’s property after their death is called "estate planning." A good estate plan may include: a last will a revocable trust an irrevocable trust a special needs trust an asset [...]

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The 98% Mistake: What is Missing from Almost all Utah Estate Plans

A fundamental goal of estate planning should be to protect your assets so they can be passed to your heirs, usually the next generation of your family. In estate planning, asset protection takes two forms: 1) protection from estate taxes, and 2) protection from future creditors. Protection from estate taxes  -- the 98% mistake. Almost [...]

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Do You Have Legal Authority to Manage Another Person’s Affairs?

Sam’s stroke left him unable to make responsible decisions or manage his own affairs. Sandy, his wife, was shocked to find she had no authority to sign Sam’s name, manage his business, sell their joint property, and admit Sam to a nursing home. How does she get the legal authority she needs?   These arrangements [...]

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