About Erik Helgesen

Erik received a B.A. from Weber State and received his law degree from Michigan State in 2011. He has been with the law firm ever since. Erik’s primary focus, since practicing law, has been in the areas of estate planning and asset protection, probate, guardianship and conservatorship, and other elder law issues.

Understanding Reverse Mortgages in Utah

In recent years, reverse mortgages have become a popular option for many seniors. For some Utah seniors, a reverse mortgage is a perfect solution. For others it may be a bad idea. I have invited my son, Jack K. Helgesen, a senior mortgage broker, to help me answer some of frequently asked questions I get [...]

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What is an Asset Protection Trust?

An asset protection trust is a trust that is intended to protect assets and property from future creditors. As part of preparing an estate plan, an individual decides what happens to his or her property after he or she passes away. The individual must also decide on how the property transferred to the trust will [...]

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13 questions to determine if you need a probate in Utah

People don't always decide what happens to their assets after they die. When a person doesn’t make arrangements for the transfer of assets or authority over his or her assets, his/her heirs may need to open a probate. A probate will allow them to gain authority and control over those assets. Probate is the process [...]

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The importance of preparing an estate plan

Most people know who they want to receive their property and possessions when they pass away, so why don’t people make their wishes known by preparing an estate plan? Susan had been married to her husband, Adam, for nearly thirteen years when he unexpectedly passed away as a result of heart failure. Three years prior [...]

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