Striking a deal without an attorney

Common Mistakes for Unrepresented Claims: Settling for too little Settling too fast Not providing the right evidence Not understanding lien processes Over or under-confident Not understanding all the losses that can be claimed Taking on battles yourself can be appealing. But let me tell you from my own personal experience it is [...]

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Injured Seniors Need Better Accident Lawyers

You should know these facts. Studies show that senior Americans are more likely to be injured, and seemingly minor accidents are more serious on aging bodies. Many seniors do not get the compensation and justice they deserve because even when the accident is a result of abuse or neglect, personal injury lawyers often undervalue these [...]

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How do personal injury cases work in Utah?

No one wants to get injured. No one wants a lawsuit. But when someone gets seriously injured through no fault of their own, they may think of making a claim for damages. A personal injury can impact your way of life and can lead to disability or lost income. But before you get a [...]

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