Getting legal representation immediately after you are charged with a crime is extremely important, and can literally make or break your case. From the moment of your arrest (or that you are charged with a criminal offense) law enforcement’s job is to gather evidence and build a case against you. It is in your best interest to begin, immediately, to do the same. Not knowing your rights, or not understanding the law can make this an extremely difficult thing to do. Even worse, it will have a huge, negative impact on the outcome of your case. For example, answering questions from a police officer or federal agent, or investigator, without a lawyer can be a very costly mistake. Many times, even when you have not done anything wrong, what you tell law enforcement is misunderstood or misconstrued. This type of confusion is easily avoided by speaking with a knowledgeable attorney who can counsel and advise you of your rights! Don’t be afraid to call one, this is what we do. By simply “knowing” your rights and invoking them you can provide your best defense, or avoid being falsely accused and having to defend against numerous charges that should not be waged against you at all.

When you are charged with a crime it is extremely important that you move fast. The legal system is largely based on strict deadlines, and penalties for missing them. Penalties vary from fines, to bench warrants leading to your arrest, or even suspensions of your license simply for missing a deadline. For example, if you are charged with “Driving Under the Influence” (DUI) in Utah, you have 10 days to request a Driver’s License Division (DLD) hearing or your driver’s license is automatically suspended for 120 days (if your first offense). Most Utahns are not aware of this, and you might be surprised at how often a person’s drivers license is suspended simply because they failed to request a hearing within 10 days of the violation date. In some situations we are able to have your privilege re-instated, but it’s a very difficult process after the fact. This is easily avoided, do not allow this to happen!

To put it simply, the best defense is one that starts from the moment of the arrest! Even if you feel you are guilty, your first step should be to request to speak with a qualified attorney. Contact an attorney who can direct you on how to proceed. Only attorneys can accurately evaluate the charges brought against you and provide you with the peace of mind in “knowing” what your rights are and what you are likely up against. Do not underestimate that peace of mind either, “knowing” truly is “half the battle” (Yes, that’s a G.I. Joe reference) when it comes to criminal charges, your liberty, your personal record, reputation, and future. In speaking with an attorney, you may actually be surprised to find out that what you’ve done, for one reason or another, is actually no crime at all. It is widely understood that competent legal representation can lead to charges being dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge against you. This all plays a very important role in your freedom, and retaining personal rights that all of us enjoy. For example, your right to possess a weapon (even for hunting or sport) can be stripped from you if you are charged with and convicted of a felony, or even if you are charged with and convicted with a number of misdemeanors. So when life, liberty, and other valuable rights are on the line you cannot afford to go at it alone. Contact a competent attorney immediately!

Why you should call us today!

For one, unlike many firms, we offer a free consultation right up front so that you can come to “know” your rights, and “know” what to expect as you begin the process. You will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone, but have a competent legal team to meet the challenges of your case head-on. During your free consultation you will be assigned to a qualified attorney with experience in handling your type of case who will analyze the issues and advise you accordingly. No two cases are alike, and your case may present very complex legal issues, involving constitutional rights or procedural law that you are unfamiliar with. These issues may have a huge impact on your case, and potentially lead to dismissal, or a better outcome. Our Firm, Helgesen, Waterfall & Jones P.C., has over 30 years of legal experience handling all kinds of cases, both simple and complex, and has grown to be one of the largest firms in Davis County as a result of the great success that we have achieved through hard work. Our attorneys are some of the best in the State, and our staff of paralegals are well-trained to provide you with the best service throughout the handling of your case. Most importantly, we want to be your attorneys! We understand that individuals are falsely accused of crimes every day. We also understand how difficult things can be when, among a great many other challenges, the weight of criminal charges hanging over you sets in along with the added stress of uncertainty and “not knowing” what your future holds. As your attorneys we will fight tirelessly to achieve the best result legally possible, and strive to approach your case as our very own. We get no satisfaction in failure, and have built our practice on placing ourselves in your shoes. We have obtained great success throughout the years by doing so. We are very familiar with the criminal field and as a firm have established a very respected reputation in the community, so we are able to provide competent representation at a very affordable cost. We know that cost is important to you too.

So, no matter how serious or hopeless your circumstances may appear, as your legal representation, know that we will continually provide the best defense possible for you. Lastly, yes, we ARE attorneys, but contrary to some beliefs, we are people too! We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you. Call us today for your free consultation! Call (801) 544-5306 where a qualified attorney is waiting to speak with you.