In light of the Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know how we’re handling things at the office.
Thankfully, it appears that here in Utah we’ve been spared thus far from large-scale virus

That said, we’re taking every precaution to keep you and your family safe, and keep your cases
going as smoothly as possible.

What we’re doing for our clients

We are set up and prefer to meet with clients using our available technology, but we are available
by appointment at our office. We can use email and can talk over the phone or meet by
videoconference. Several weeks ago we partnered with Kenect for improved client texting.
We clean common areas in the office regularly and are committed to cleaning our client meeting
rooms after each use to make sure we are maintaining a safe and sanitized area for you.

What we’re doing for our employees

We will remain open and our receptionist will be available to take phone calls. We have
implemented systems that allow our attorneys and office staff to work remotely. As many of you
know, one of our paralegals currently works out of her home in Las Vegas, Nevada. This means
we can continue to serve you no matter what happens.

We hope this helps alleviate Coronavirus-related concerns you might have about your case.
If you have any questions about this letter, feel free to contact us by calling or texting 801-544-5306.

How this affects your case

At this moment, some procedures that have been deemed “non-essential” by the Utah courts have been put on hold. You can still file paperwork with the courts and many other things can be done electronically. Some hearings are being held over the phone. If you’re wondering about the status of your case, contact your lawyer via email, text, or phone.

We are currently retaining new clients, so if you want to get your case started, you can contact us for a free consultation via phone or online videochat.